Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog Today, BLOG Tomorrow!

Man, I thought this bloggin thing was going to be easy, NOT!
Matt and I have been super slammed the last week and I have found myself ready for bed at night instead of trying to come up with things to blog about.
Lets see what have we done since I saw Harry Potter?
We have had a ton of shows, mostly at camps or pre-schools, we are the special treat at the end of the summer session, MAGIC SHOW time, we also have had some birthday parties on the weekends.
Last Friday we actually took like a day off, kind day, and went on a boat ride on my dads boat up the Caloosahatchee River, which is something that I have never done and it really was quite enjoyable. Very warm as you got further inland I think we forget how much breeze does come off the gulf. We were gonna go through a couple of the locks but they were on restriction and we werent aloud to pass till 4 and werent gonna be able to go back through so have to try that another time.
Matt is working on doing some instructional videos, but since they are so TOP SECRET, that is all I am suppose to say.
We have had a show on Sunday, and show today Tuesday and a show on Friday, and also on Saturday.
Never complaining always excited to do shows, and love seeing new places, Saturday's show is in ORLANDO major plus for Matt and I, I think he is equally as addicted to Disney brilliantness as I am.
I am excited to be watching my favorite ladies and a boy on Friday night, The Olives always bring and extra big smile to my face. :)
We have some "new" neighbors downstairs, they are really new except one of them is really new (two weeks old new) but they are all fantastic and I love this building that we live in for now. It is a great place for Matt and I to make a start :)
Life is great! What is new with all of you, Please share any excitement!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter is my church

Today was the day, at 12 noon this morning I headed with my sister to the Silverspot Movie Theater. As we took our seats my heart began to race, this was it, the finale of the Harry Potter saga, and it was AWESOME!
Usually people spend Sunday morning for a spiritual experience, well in every sense of the word spiritual, Harry Potter was my church today.
It all started back in 2001 was I went to the movie theater with my Aunt and Uncle, sister nad cousins Kristen and Heather, we saw the midnight showing and I could barely keep my eyes open during the Sorcerer's Stone but was hooked as soon as Hagrid said, "You're a wizard, Harry."
For those of you who have been fortunate enough to have read these books you have grown up with the main characters, and look at there adventures like they are your very own. After I went to the movie I began reading the books and although some people thought they were for children, with every turn of the page, J.K. Rowling wrote an enthrawling books that could interest any person with a hint of imagination. The books are not just a boy who lived but about Good Vs. Evil, Love, and Bravery.
Without a doubt I will go see the movie again in the theater before it heads to DVD and may I suggest if you have ever had any interest in Harry Potter you go see it too.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday's Are For Giving

I always look at Monday mornings as the start of a new week, maybe it is from pre-imposed beliefs from when we were in school and you dreaded a Monday morning and waking up and catching the school bus and back to the weekly routine (However, I liked school). Matt and I don't have the same schedule as everyone else, so Monday's dont even mean going to work at an office, since we work from home, we just walk across the hall and...

"Focus:" Whatever the case this Monday is definitly a new beginning.

When we are ready to make a shift in our life we like to clean the air, clear the clutter, and give away things that we feel possess a great amount of value to people who could use them to enhance there lives. This morning, Monday morning, has turned into a Giving morning.
When you start this Giving detachment process you find yourself starting to feel lighter, and more free from things that may have been sitting on your shoulders and preventing you from being as successful as you protential can be. We like to think of giving as creating a vaccuum. When we remove things and thoughts out of our life, that frees up a ton of space, and the universe sends things that we do want and enjoy and that energize us back into our empty space we created. Sometimes this works in an un-intensional way, however it works the other way as well (it can work any way you want it to actually).
When there is something you desire in life and are really focused on getting sometimes you need to clear a little space for you to get it, and the faster you clear the space, the faster you will get it.
Want more money? Give some away. Want new clothes? Give some away to Good Will/Salvation Army. What some new ideas? Give some older books away that you have already gotten ideas out of. The idea here is to clean it, clear it, and GIVE IT!
So, look at this Monday as a new beginning, and make a shift in the direction that you desire to go in. What do you want, really want, What makes you excited, and What is your desire in life?
Think about what things you can clean out that would empty sluggish space in your life out for the universe to fill it with energized life force.

This Monday is for Giving, Matt and I feel a shift coming on and we are cleaning, clearing, and giving our way to manifesting great success.

(Happy Birthday to my Dad, Doug Burnham, and friend, Rachael Hedman, and Congrats to my neighbors new grandbaby born today, Rosa!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hopping On The Blog-Wagon

  I realized this morning that everyone has a blog, and I WANT IN!
People who I always thought of being really creative, fun individuals, in my earlier years have great blogs that talk about life, and love, and lessons learned, and now more then ever I see these vintage friends not only still being creative but more so inspiring.
I had no idea what blogging was all about, why people do it, and what purpose it really has. So I started snooping, I mean researching, this afternoon and I realized how addicting and exciting this blog thing could be.  It is great way to keep in touch with family members and kindered spirits who are far away.  Giving them an opportunity see whats going on, instead of hoping to catch some good news feed on Facebook. And actually you feel more comfortable sharing more on your blog because everyone  is following you in encouragment to see you live an even better life.
I have seen people who share recipes, what they are making for dinner, new craft projects they are working on, where they are shopping, where they are traveling (I like that one), engagments, weddings, babies, family outings, holidays, and everything in between.
So I have decided to "Hop on the Blog-Wagon" and talk about all those fun life lessons learned type things and will welcome aboard whoever wants to come along for the ride.