Monday, May 7, 2012

2011 Catch Up Wrap Up!

Been out of the blogging for the last couple months, I know I didn't have many post to begin with but I did really want to make something special with this Making me Magical blog. The good part about me being out of the spotlight is that I have had a GI-NORMOUS amount of stuff going on since, well SEPTEMBER!

Let's go back to last year and start there, I left you with pictures of my sisters baby shower for the upcoming arrival of our second niece who was to be named Julia.  Our niece was born after my sisters month long Hosptial stay at NCH on October 1, 2011, and she is a STELLA MICHELLE FRATTARELLI.  She actually wasn't a Julia at all, :) Sounds like my sister right :) Stella spent a couple weeks in the NICU because she is such a peanut and went home to her big brother and big sister before Halloween.

The beginning of November we traveled to St. Petersburg FL to go to a Matt Furey event, which talked about self improvement.  We went with Lilly and Roger, Matt's parents, and enjoyed weekend away.  

A week later Matt and I Hopped on a plane and went to California!  Matt's friend a marketing buddy Chris, is in the real estate business and he wanted Matt to do Magic for a convention he was in.  It was an AWESOME opportunity to visit a new place and we loved it all WE LOVE CALIFORNIA!!!  We have some great friends out in LA, our friend Tim gave us a twilight (as in night time) tour around Hollywood which was great! Another friend Chris was AMAZING he works for Jay Leno and got us seats and back stage passes and tour around the studio it rocked!!!!!!!!!!Best part is the hotel was directly across the street from WALT DISNEYLAND! We made a special trip there the last day!

When we got home at the end of November we made another journey north and visited my mom and step dad Art in Virginia Beach.  This was our first time seeing my mom's new home and meeting Art's son Alex.   We relaly enjoed the holiday weekend with my mom and Art, and Alex, and Grandma Rose and MUGSY!!! I miss Mugsy everyday :( but he loves his new fenced in back yard.

December was the relax and recoop month.  We had been home a total of like 4 days in November, so by December it felt good to be home and refocus.  Glad we did because 2012 is a big year!!!!!!!!