Sunday, November 4, 2012


WOW a month filled with excitement.  I forgot to mention in earlier post that Magic Matthew and I were engaged.  Yes, not just engaged in life, but engaged in love and to be married :)  We set the date back in January that NOW this year was the time to get married and October 11, 2012 was the specific day we chose.

Planning over the last 10 months was very exciting and very relaxing.  I never imagined how calm I was through the whole thing.  you see women on TV shows being bridezillas and you hear stories of how stressed other have been.  Maybe it is my background in events or maybe I just knew exactly what I want and knew that it was going to happen that way.  Whatever it might have been the time up to the wedding flew by and the week of the wedding was filled with non stop excitement.

Since we had more then half of the wedding guest coming from out of town we included them in a lot of the pre-wedding festivities.

Tuesday, October 9th, my neighbor downstairs, Jenny, hosted a 80' themed poll dancing class bachelorette party.  It was a hoot!! And thoroughly enjoyed.  Matthew was hosted a bachelor party down on 5th Ave.N by his father, with a drink at Mccabe's and a dinner at Pazzo.   
Wednesday, October 10th seemed to go by the fastest.  We had to set up the venue and get my nails done and set up for rehearsal dinner and then have the rehearsal walk through and then have rehearsal dinner.  My AMAZING neighbor Linda and her husband Vic gifted us all the food presentation at the dinner for our wedding present it was BEYOND expectations and amazing and delish!  She made three separate kinds of Lasagna, brisket, and a bazillion sides.
We finished the evening with a crowd favorite game of "The NEWLYWED Game!" it rocked  It was probably one of the best ideas of the whole week because it game everyone an opportunity to laugh and see different sides of the families.

October 11, 2012
I woke up next to my husband to be and go showered and all my ladies showed up at the door and we went to the Hyatt at Coconut, to get ready.
We had Dre there for our hair and we had Jess Combs there for our make up.  And they both did an amazing job! 
We were able to get dressed and enjoy the morning all together.  I love that my mom was there and my aunt Deb and her girls and my sisters and nieces.
Matt got ready at our house and then his brother and my honorary brother Billy joined him.

We arrived at The Bay Club at the Colony at 3:45pm and we waited in the dining room until 5PM. START TIME!


It was beautiful my favorite part was walking towards Matthew to "A Whole New World" and knowing that this amazing adventure called life was just beginning and we have decades of excitement a head of us.
Matthew eyes were filled with glistening tears of happiness which made all of us pool inside with happiness.

After the ceremony which was preformed by Jen Schiller,  we continued down stairs to do photos with our family members.

The Reception was the constant party that Matt and I had hope for.  During our first dance, Michael Buble Everything, we timed it perfectly for the sun to be setting behind us in the windows overlooking the Estero Bay. MAGICAL!

Dinner was served a first course of Florida Greens Salad, Dinner choices of Filet or Florida Grouper, and dessert instead of cake was Grace and Shelley's cupcakes.  Absolutely perfect!

One of the greatest dances of the night is when Nikolas was break dancing to "I'm Sexy and I Know it" and he did a partial stip of his shirt waved it around in the air and threw it.  I love that kid.

Matthew danced to Sweet baby James by James Taylor, with his mom, and I dance to A Walk with you, scratched into Born to be Wild with my dad.

We ended that night with smiles ear to ear, and went home around 11pm.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday we spent at Disney World.
With our families reputation about Disney World on our coat tails, and several people at the wedding who had never been we found it imparitive to spend our first weekend as a married couple at Disney World.

It was a great way to continue the party and enjoy eachothers company further after the wedding.

Matthew and I have been together almost 8 years, we knew within the first year of dating that we were meant to be together forever.  We have always waited for the right time, our time to do so.

October 11, 2012 with forever be the day that I became Mrs. Magical!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Matthew & Ashley Versteeg

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happiness Starts with an Inner Smile

LIFE is Beautiful, They made a movie titled this but I really didn't feel it did it justice.  It focused on the wrong reason why life is beautiful. 

You make your LIFE BEAUTIFUL. 

We are soo incredibly lucky for life and to be living in this ever changing increasingly abundant universe. People seem to forget everyday how lucky it is to have life and be experiencing things in this life. What are you experiencing every day?  Do your Experiences change your focus on life, do your surroundings and the people who surround you, change you outlook on the day?  Fire the negative people from your life. And watch your experiences and opportunities change.

We are always looking for the fast easy way to make things better.  Self help leaders and millions of books out there take you through this *Self Journey* to remake yourself.  I agree to take charge of your mind, body, and soul in order to make things better.  But you don't need to read these stories of others all you need to really do is one simple thing.

.....and you will be radiating and attracting all your desires and unlimited riches THIS life has to offer.

An absolutely AMAZING book was written:

Smile! The Secret Science of Smiling By: Elan Sun Star

Just by flipping through the pages of this book you will see what an INNER smile can do for the soul.

Monday, May 7, 2012

2011 Catch Up Wrap Up!

Been out of the blogging for the last couple months, I know I didn't have many post to begin with but I did really want to make something special with this Making me Magical blog. The good part about me being out of the spotlight is that I have had a GI-NORMOUS amount of stuff going on since, well SEPTEMBER!

Let's go back to last year and start there, I left you with pictures of my sisters baby shower for the upcoming arrival of our second niece who was to be named Julia.  Our niece was born after my sisters month long Hosptial stay at NCH on October 1, 2011, and she is a STELLA MICHELLE FRATTARELLI.  She actually wasn't a Julia at all, :) Sounds like my sister right :) Stella spent a couple weeks in the NICU because she is such a peanut and went home to her big brother and big sister before Halloween.

The beginning of November we traveled to St. Petersburg FL to go to a Matt Furey event, which talked about self improvement.  We went with Lilly and Roger, Matt's parents, and enjoyed weekend away.  

A week later Matt and I Hopped on a plane and went to California!  Matt's friend a marketing buddy Chris, is in the real estate business and he wanted Matt to do Magic for a convention he was in.  It was an AWESOME opportunity to visit a new place and we loved it all WE LOVE CALIFORNIA!!!  We have some great friends out in LA, our friend Tim gave us a twilight (as in night time) tour around Hollywood which was great! Another friend Chris was AMAZING he works for Jay Leno and got us seats and back stage passes and tour around the studio it rocked!!!!!!!!!!Best part is the hotel was directly across the street from WALT DISNEYLAND! We made a special trip there the last day!

When we got home at the end of November we made another journey north and visited my mom and step dad Art in Virginia Beach.  This was our first time seeing my mom's new home and meeting Art's son Alex.   We relaly enjoed the holiday weekend with my mom and Art, and Alex, and Grandma Rose and MUGSY!!! I miss Mugsy everyday :( but he loves his new fenced in back yard.

December was the relax and recoop month.  We had been home a total of like 4 days in November, so by December it felt good to be home and refocus.  Glad we did because 2012 is a big year!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby Shower Bonanza

While I am still interested in giving some really top notch Blog enteries, I have been packing it in the last couple weeks with family and a Very *un-Baby" Shower for my sister.

While my ever loving hilarious sister, Rachel, is adding to her Frattarelli circus of 2 with a 3rd, I decided I wanted to throw her a super duper baby shower. But I am never one to turn away the extra help. SO Myself, my Mom, Matt's Mom, Cindy, Louise*Rachel's Mother in-law, and my neighbor Linda ALL provider our own little tough to her Alice in Wonderland MAdd HAtter Tea Party Brunch.

So of course a party means everyone is coming to town to celebrate!

Now that my mom lives in Virginia Beach she made the special trip to Florida just in time to leave Art all alone with my Mugsy up in Hurricane Irene. Of course, being that she is an expert hurricane prep manager she made sure they had all the nesscities before getting on her plane on Thursday and staying with us Floridaians until Tuesday. YEA for MOMMY!

Matt's parents surprised us in the beginning of the previous week and said that they were gonna come for a visit too, just so Lilly could help me with my sister's shower! She is the best I am really lucky to have such a close relationship with her and she always is so generous and thoughtful not just to me but when it comes to my family as well.

Since I was unavailable for Matt's shows on Saturday he had a fill in... Almost as cute as me, Roger, his dad. heheh Well Matt actually is a one man show so Roger went along for the ride to Orlando and also to watch Matt's show which was relalyl cool because he has never seen his birthday kids show down here in Florida. They of course had an excellent visit in the car ride and a perfect show!

SO calling all parents they were in town (minus Art :(~) which means party party party. Lot's of yummy dinners out at Naples finest, lots of fun shopping around looking at new fall trends and furniture.

So the beginning of this week has been a catch up, Roger and Lilly went back to MN on Monday, Mom left to Viriginia Beach on Tuesday, Wednesday was a YMA membership fullfillment day, Thursday was Thursday :) (I honestly can't remember what we did that day) and Friday was a ATM Magicians day.

Last two weeks we have been having a blast and continue to, More fun to come!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog Today, BLOG Tomorrow!

Man, I thought this bloggin thing was going to be easy, NOT!
Matt and I have been super slammed the last week and I have found myself ready for bed at night instead of trying to come up with things to blog about.
Lets see what have we done since I saw Harry Potter?
We have had a ton of shows, mostly at camps or pre-schools, we are the special treat at the end of the summer session, MAGIC SHOW time, we also have had some birthday parties on the weekends.
Last Friday we actually took like a day off, kind day, and went on a boat ride on my dads boat up the Caloosahatchee River, which is something that I have never done and it really was quite enjoyable. Very warm as you got further inland I think we forget how much breeze does come off the gulf. We were gonna go through a couple of the locks but they were on restriction and we werent aloud to pass till 4 and werent gonna be able to go back through so have to try that another time.
Matt is working on doing some instructional videos, but since they are so TOP SECRET, that is all I am suppose to say.
We have had a show on Sunday, and show today Tuesday and a show on Friday, and also on Saturday.
Never complaining always excited to do shows, and love seeing new places, Saturday's show is in ORLANDO major plus for Matt and I, I think he is equally as addicted to Disney brilliantness as I am.
I am excited to be watching my favorite ladies and a boy on Friday night, The Olives always bring and extra big smile to my face. :)
We have some "new" neighbors downstairs, they are really new except one of them is really new (two weeks old new) but they are all fantastic and I love this building that we live in for now. It is a great place for Matt and I to make a start :)
Life is great! What is new with all of you, Please share any excitement!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter is my church

Today was the day, at 12 noon this morning I headed with my sister to the Silverspot Movie Theater. As we took our seats my heart began to race, this was it, the finale of the Harry Potter saga, and it was AWESOME!
Usually people spend Sunday morning for a spiritual experience, well in every sense of the word spiritual, Harry Potter was my church today.
It all started back in 2001 was I went to the movie theater with my Aunt and Uncle, sister nad cousins Kristen and Heather, we saw the midnight showing and I could barely keep my eyes open during the Sorcerer's Stone but was hooked as soon as Hagrid said, "You're a wizard, Harry."
For those of you who have been fortunate enough to have read these books you have grown up with the main characters, and look at there adventures like they are your very own. After I went to the movie I began reading the books and although some people thought they were for children, with every turn of the page, J.K. Rowling wrote an enthrawling books that could interest any person with a hint of imagination. The books are not just a boy who lived but about Good Vs. Evil, Love, and Bravery.
Without a doubt I will go see the movie again in the theater before it heads to DVD and may I suggest if you have ever had any interest in Harry Potter you go see it too.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday's Are For Giving

I always look at Monday mornings as the start of a new week, maybe it is from pre-imposed beliefs from when we were in school and you dreaded a Monday morning and waking up and catching the school bus and back to the weekly routine (However, I liked school). Matt and I don't have the same schedule as everyone else, so Monday's dont even mean going to work at an office, since we work from home, we just walk across the hall and...

"Focus:" Whatever the case this Monday is definitly a new beginning.

When we are ready to make a shift in our life we like to clean the air, clear the clutter, and give away things that we feel possess a great amount of value to people who could use them to enhance there lives. This morning, Monday morning, has turned into a Giving morning.
When you start this Giving detachment process you find yourself starting to feel lighter, and more free from things that may have been sitting on your shoulders and preventing you from being as successful as you protential can be. We like to think of giving as creating a vaccuum. When we remove things and thoughts out of our life, that frees up a ton of space, and the universe sends things that we do want and enjoy and that energize us back into our empty space we created. Sometimes this works in an un-intensional way, however it works the other way as well (it can work any way you want it to actually).
When there is something you desire in life and are really focused on getting sometimes you need to clear a little space for you to get it, and the faster you clear the space, the faster you will get it.
Want more money? Give some away. Want new clothes? Give some away to Good Will/Salvation Army. What some new ideas? Give some older books away that you have already gotten ideas out of. The idea here is to clean it, clear it, and GIVE IT!
So, look at this Monday as a new beginning, and make a shift in the direction that you desire to go in. What do you want, really want, What makes you excited, and What is your desire in life?
Think about what things you can clean out that would empty sluggish space in your life out for the universe to fill it with energized life force.

This Monday is for Giving, Matt and I feel a shift coming on and we are cleaning, clearing, and giving our way to manifesting great success.

(Happy Birthday to my Dad, Doug Burnham, and friend, Rachael Hedman, and Congrats to my neighbors new grandbaby born today, Rosa!)