Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby Shower Bonanza

While I am still interested in giving some really top notch Blog enteries, I have been packing it in the last couple weeks with family and a Very *un-Baby" Shower for my sister.

While my ever loving hilarious sister, Rachel, is adding to her Frattarelli circus of 2 with a 3rd, I decided I wanted to throw her a super duper baby shower. But I am never one to turn away the extra help. SO Myself, my Mom, Matt's Mom, Cindy, Louise*Rachel's Mother in-law, and my neighbor Linda ALL provider our own little tough to her Alice in Wonderland MAdd HAtter Tea Party Brunch.

So of course a party means everyone is coming to town to celebrate!

Now that my mom lives in Virginia Beach she made the special trip to Florida just in time to leave Art all alone with my Mugsy up in Hurricane Irene. Of course, being that she is an expert hurricane prep manager she made sure they had all the nesscities before getting on her plane on Thursday and staying with us Floridaians until Tuesday. YEA for MOMMY!

Matt's parents surprised us in the beginning of the previous week and said that they were gonna come for a visit too, just so Lilly could help me with my sister's shower! She is the best I am really lucky to have such a close relationship with her and she always is so generous and thoughtful not just to me but when it comes to my family as well.

Since I was unavailable for Matt's shows on Saturday he had a fill in... Almost as cute as me, Roger, his dad. heheh Well Matt actually is a one man show so Roger went along for the ride to Orlando and also to watch Matt's show which was relalyl cool because he has never seen his birthday kids show down here in Florida. They of course had an excellent visit in the car ride and a perfect show!

SO calling all parents they were in town (minus Art :(~) which means party party party. Lot's of yummy dinners out at Naples finest, lots of fun shopping around looking at new fall trends and furniture.

So the beginning of this week has been a catch up, Roger and Lilly went back to MN on Monday, Mom left to Viriginia Beach on Tuesday, Wednesday was a YMA membership fullfillment day, Thursday was Thursday :) (I honestly can't remember what we did that day) and Friday was a ATM Magicians day.

Last two weeks we have been having a blast and continue to, More fun to come!

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