Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog Today, BLOG Tomorrow!

Man, I thought this bloggin thing was going to be easy, NOT!
Matt and I have been super slammed the last week and I have found myself ready for bed at night instead of trying to come up with things to blog about.
Lets see what have we done since I saw Harry Potter?
We have had a ton of shows, mostly at camps or pre-schools, we are the special treat at the end of the summer session, MAGIC SHOW time, we also have had some birthday parties on the weekends.
Last Friday we actually took like a day off, kind day, and went on a boat ride on my dads boat up the Caloosahatchee River, which is something that I have never done and it really was quite enjoyable. Very warm as you got further inland I think we forget how much breeze does come off the gulf. We were gonna go through a couple of the locks but they were on restriction and we werent aloud to pass till 4 and werent gonna be able to go back through so have to try that another time.
Matt is working on doing some instructional videos, but since they are so TOP SECRET, that is all I am suppose to say.
We have had a show on Sunday, and show today Tuesday and a show on Friday, and also on Saturday.
Never complaining always excited to do shows, and love seeing new places, Saturday's show is in ORLANDO major plus for Matt and I, I think he is equally as addicted to Disney brilliantness as I am.
I am excited to be watching my favorite ladies and a boy on Friday night, The Olives always bring and extra big smile to my face. :)
We have some "new" neighbors downstairs, they are really new except one of them is really new (two weeks old new) but they are all fantastic and I love this building that we live in for now. It is a great place for Matt and I to make a start :)
Life is great! What is new with all of you, Please share any excitement!!

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