Sunday, November 4, 2012


WOW a month filled with excitement.  I forgot to mention in earlier post that Magic Matthew and I were engaged.  Yes, not just engaged in life, but engaged in love and to be married :)  We set the date back in January that NOW this year was the time to get married and October 11, 2012 was the specific day we chose.

Planning over the last 10 months was very exciting and very relaxing.  I never imagined how calm I was through the whole thing.  you see women on TV shows being bridezillas and you hear stories of how stressed other have been.  Maybe it is my background in events or maybe I just knew exactly what I want and knew that it was going to happen that way.  Whatever it might have been the time up to the wedding flew by and the week of the wedding was filled with non stop excitement.

Since we had more then half of the wedding guest coming from out of town we included them in a lot of the pre-wedding festivities.

Tuesday, October 9th, my neighbor downstairs, Jenny, hosted a 80' themed poll dancing class bachelorette party.  It was a hoot!! And thoroughly enjoyed.  Matthew was hosted a bachelor party down on 5th Ave.N by his father, with a drink at Mccabe's and a dinner at Pazzo.   
Wednesday, October 10th seemed to go by the fastest.  We had to set up the venue and get my nails done and set up for rehearsal dinner and then have the rehearsal walk through and then have rehearsal dinner.  My AMAZING neighbor Linda and her husband Vic gifted us all the food presentation at the dinner for our wedding present it was BEYOND expectations and amazing and delish!  She made three separate kinds of Lasagna, brisket, and a bazillion sides.
We finished the evening with a crowd favorite game of "The NEWLYWED Game!" it rocked  It was probably one of the best ideas of the whole week because it game everyone an opportunity to laugh and see different sides of the families.

October 11, 2012
I woke up next to my husband to be and go showered and all my ladies showed up at the door and we went to the Hyatt at Coconut, to get ready.
We had Dre there for our hair and we had Jess Combs there for our make up.  And they both did an amazing job! 
We were able to get dressed and enjoy the morning all together.  I love that my mom was there and my aunt Deb and her girls and my sisters and nieces.
Matt got ready at our house and then his brother and my honorary brother Billy joined him.

We arrived at The Bay Club at the Colony at 3:45pm and we waited in the dining room until 5PM. START TIME!


It was beautiful my favorite part was walking towards Matthew to "A Whole New World" and knowing that this amazing adventure called life was just beginning and we have decades of excitement a head of us.
Matthew eyes were filled with glistening tears of happiness which made all of us pool inside with happiness.

After the ceremony which was preformed by Jen Schiller,  we continued down stairs to do photos with our family members.

The Reception was the constant party that Matt and I had hope for.  During our first dance, Michael Buble Everything, we timed it perfectly for the sun to be setting behind us in the windows overlooking the Estero Bay. MAGICAL!

Dinner was served a first course of Florida Greens Salad, Dinner choices of Filet or Florida Grouper, and dessert instead of cake was Grace and Shelley's cupcakes.  Absolutely perfect!

One of the greatest dances of the night is when Nikolas was break dancing to "I'm Sexy and I Know it" and he did a partial stip of his shirt waved it around in the air and threw it.  I love that kid.

Matthew danced to Sweet baby James by James Taylor, with his mom, and I dance to A Walk with you, scratched into Born to be Wild with my dad.

We ended that night with smiles ear to ear, and went home around 11pm.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday we spent at Disney World.
With our families reputation about Disney World on our coat tails, and several people at the wedding who had never been we found it imparitive to spend our first weekend as a married couple at Disney World.

It was a great way to continue the party and enjoy eachothers company further after the wedding.

Matthew and I have been together almost 8 years, we knew within the first year of dating that we were meant to be together forever.  We have always waited for the right time, our time to do so.

October 11, 2012 with forever be the day that I became Mrs. Magical!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Matthew & Ashley Versteeg

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